Flex Roll Lifter

Flex Roll Lifter

Sailent Features:

  • The Roll Lifter is designed to work on the Expand-O-Turn. The Lifter is used to stabilise the outer wraps on rolls that tend to telescope. The Roll Lifter is manually operated and offers the user the ability to stabilise rolls prior to them being rotated for placement onto spindles.
  • The Roll Lifter can be used with either the manual or electric powered Expand-O-Turn for standard or custom sizes and will safely and erogonomically handle rolls of
    various sizes.
  • The Roll Lifter is simple to use and will not damage the roll surface. It is also designed to be ergonomically correct in order to eliminate the difficult and unsafe conditions commonly encountered during roll handling operations.
  • When designing the Roll Lifter we looked at not only the problem of telescoping rolls but designed the unit so that it can assist in operations where space is at a premium.Loading and unloading rolls that telescope from cartons is one problem that can now be safely and ergonomically addressed. When used with the Expand-O-Turn one person can now safely perform these functions efficiently.

The operator should use the personal safety equipment (e.g. protective shoes) that handling the specific goods requires. Stated maximum load must not be exceeded. Be aware of the risk of crushing present between the attachment and the lifter legs or the floor when raising or lowering the load.Avoid putting hands or other parts of your body under the load.

If the Roll Lifter is attached to a lifter when transported, the lifter should be carefully tied down to minimize the tipping risk. If the Roll Lifter is transported separately, it should be carefully packed to protect the expander.

The Roll Lifter should always be lowered to the lowest possible position before moving the lifter to have the safest and most stable handling possible. Be cautious when passing thresholds, cables and other objects on the floor.

The operator is responsible for the correct use of the Roll Lifter. Do not place any hands or feet under a rotating load. Always rotate in the direction away from you.

Limited Warranty
Renessen Packages warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. Our warranty obligation is to provide a replacement for a defective original part if the part is covered by the warranty, after we receive a proper request from the warrantee (you) for warranty service.