Manufacturers of Blister, Alu Alu, Machine Change Parts. Blister Packing, formfill Seal & Packaging Machines. We also develop import substitutes as required.
Our comprehensive range of pharmaceutical packaging machinery and pharmaceutical blister change parts are ideal for cross perforation. Our range pharmaceutical packaging machinery and pharmaceutical blister change parts are widely used in packaging pharmaceutical aluminum plastic and related similar content with automatic fish folding, forming, opening and loading, batch number printing as well as sealing tec processes.

Most versatile thermo-forming machine for capsules, tablets and caplets.

Salient features:

  • Shorter change-over time
  • Higher output
  • Utmost simplicity in operation and maintenance
  • Stainless steel cladding conforming to cGMP standards.

Optional features:

  • Separate Punching and Perforation Stations
  • Print Registration Control.

Technical Specification:

PVC base-film : Max. 218 mm
PVC film thickness : 0.25 mm
Aluminium foil width : Max. 214 mm
Aluminium foil thickness : 0.02 mm/0.03 mm
Total forming area : Min. 25 mm X 200 mm
Max. 100 mm X 200 mm
Advance : 100 mm
Pack length punched out : 200 mm
Pack width punched out : 100 mm
Output : Max. 300 packs per min. 
(depends upon pack size and product dimensions)


Punch Tool Assembly Guide Track With
Schoring Assembly
BFR & CSR Feeding Channel Assembly
Shipping dimensions for basic machine
L X W X H : 105” X 48” X 72”
Net Wt. : 1250 kg
Gross Wt. : 1600 kg

Semi Automatic Blister Packer  LAB MACHINE
Salient features:
  • It allows R & D to produce & test blister samples in-house for new product as & when required.
  • It produce small batches quickly with fast tooling changeover & cleaning, allowing larger production lines to continue more efficiently without interruption.
  • It can handle air thermoform & cold-formed materials like PVC, PVDC, PP, ACLAR & ALU/ALU.
  • Temperature, air pressure & dweii-time setting are constantly monitored electronically so that the machine can only function within pre-set limits.
  • Tool changing between batches is fast with easy access for cleaning.
  • As per GMP standard.
  • Material of construction SS304.
Machine Operator
Machine packs are produced in 3 stages with a fast tool change between each stage.

Stage1 - Forming: The precut pieces of forming material is placed on the forming dia. Forming dia slide under the top platen which is heated to preset temperature. Forming dia is lifted up with the pneumatic cylinder & press against the top platen. Vacuum suck forming material into cavity & form blister.

Stage2 - Sealing & Batch Coding: For sealing operation the forming dia & platen is removed& sealing dia & upper sealing plate is replaced & same procedure of forming is repeated for sealing. The formed trays are sealed automatically using pre-cut lidding material. Batch code embossing if necessary is carried out at this stage.

Stage 3 - Cutting: The sealed trays are cut to produce the finished packs.
Technical Specifications:

Format Dimensions : 100 X 100 mm.
Max. foil width : 120 mm.
Max. depth draw : for PVC = 15mm & ALU/ALU = 12 deep
Operating speed : 12 cycles per minute.
Power : 230 v single phase.
Air pressure : 8 Bar.
Air consumption : 15 litres/Stoke.
The designs & specifications are subject to change without prior notice.